Feature Request: subfolder permissions (revive owncloud #4579)

There has been discussions about subfolder permissions, and some (unsatisfying) solutions. The discussion Feature Request: Allow different permissions for Subfolder [$130] 路 Issue #4579 路 owncloud/core 路 GitHub is locked, so I would like to reopen it here with some questions:

  1. is there a software developer out there willing to implement that (with the - to be increased - bounty on bountysource)?
  2. is there structural/design work by nextcloud/owncloud and can this be shared?
  3. how does the bountysource work for (partially) implemented features? E.g. see below for read-only subfolders using the existing file access control with tags.

I don鈥檛 think I鈥檓 the only one looking at such a feature to help unclutter more complex folder structures.

File access control to prevent users from loading files in a tagged subfolder is already there. Couldn鈥檛 that be used to partially implement subfolder permissions to enable read only subfolders in write/read shares? I think having read-only subfolders in read/write shares might already cover 90% of all use-cases, even if that would mean some more configuration effort.

Needless to say, the experts sit at nextcloud itself: what do you think, how far would a basic yearly enterprise subscription bring that feature? I鈥檓 sure if we start promoting we can get close.

There was quite some interest. It鈥檚 probably a feature that takes some time to be developed and tested.

They have the same code base, Nextcloud can take over changes from ownCloud but not the other way round due to licensing issues. In theory, they could work together on such an issue. The split up was last year and the cooperation on other points of the project is not the best (compatibility of apps, 鈥).

That could be a way. For that purpose the best is to contact Nextcloud and ask them.