Feature Request - Storing OTP

I would like to request a feature to be integrated into the passwords app that stores OTP information for use in the browser extension. Passman has this feature but development on that app has obviously slowed dramatically and I am looking for a new password app to use. I have attached a screenshot of what I’m talking about with the passman web extension. It is super nice to be able to copy my Authy/Google Authenticator codes to my clipboard instead of opening my phone every time I need a code.Screenshot_1

Wouldn’t you bypass 2FA like this? It’s the purpose to have a second, independent device. If everything is stored at the same place (your password manager), your security breaks when someone has access to it, he can access your 2FA-codes as well. So you can just use a normal password.

You can propose new features on the Github Issue Tracker. I would suggest to move the conversation over there so that everything is in one place.

This posting has been moved to Github.