FEATURE REQUEST: Stagger uploads for sync larger than 'N' bytes

I have a cloud server that I’ve been running for years for my business, it has a moderate primary volume (for a cloud server), and I use FUSE for the storage volume. I’ve recently started syncing some video for each of the projects I’m working on, and those files are typically in the 8-12GB range. The issue I’m facing is that when I’ve got say 5x 10GB videos, it very quickly results in the primary volume (where …data/uploads/ is) running out of space causing a number of issues, not the least of which is it prevents the mounting of my remote volumes after a reboot because there isn’t enough free space for FUSE’s cache.

I would like a setting in the desktop app that allows the process to identify when the sync will go above a certain threshold, and then stagger the uploads so that a limited number of files up to the threshold are uploaded, then the /data/uploads cleared, before the next set of files is synced, and so on.

This would avoid the bottleneck that is currently crashing my server, and I’m sure others.