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Hi, i am the second time in here, i assume this is the right place for suggestions/feature requests for the mail app. I don’t installed it yet. Sometimes i need to send Emails time-controlled/scheduled in the future. And possibly i am not the only one. Since i have nextcloud running i think, the nextcloud mail app would be the right place for that. Please consider this.

Please file a ticket at https://github.com/nextcloud/mail/issues/new?assignees=&labels=enhancement%2C+0.+to+triage&template=feature_request.md&title= and use the template :slight_smile:

i did: https://github.com/nextcloud/mail/issues/1626 but there don’t see, to much people interested ins such a feature.

Thanks. Opening another request on a different channel clearly doesn’t help. What we need is someone who can contribute the code. So either you are a developer yourself and can help with that, or you just fine someone who can and have them do it.


thanks for filing this issue… over there at github.
and ya… that’s the way a communitybased project goes… if there’s not enough interest it’ll take some time to get it done.
trying to get it done faster you could set a bounty or trying to code it yourself.

and i’m sorry that all of this won’t be any helpful for you. :frowning:

Just beware that bounties give a bit of a false impression. If they are low, nobody cares. If they are higher, it will just attract random bounty hunters. And from experience they deliver a quick hack that is often not suitable for integration. And then you never hear back. It’s a bit frustrating.

And for me they don’t help as I’m working on Mail for Nextcloud Gmbh. If the I fix something with a bounty on it, the money will be just put back onto other tickets. Thus it has no influence on prioritization.

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well right… i didn’t look at it from that side… and thus you’re right… sigh

thanks for making this clearer.

no worries :slight_smile:

I was also thinking about maybe putting my thoughts into a blog or something. Because the negative experience with bountysource surpasses the positive aspects.

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Opening another request on a different channel clearly doesn’t help.

I am not sure what you mean by that. I didn’t plan that. But i asked the Github user who was interested, if he did something and answered your mail here, hoping, an interested developer would read that here or some other users see this post and suddenly recognize that this is the feature they always wanted.

Of course it could make sense to think about what usecases there are for such a feature:

  • You could remind yourself to do things somewhen in the future. Since The Email Reminders in the Calendar are working, you could misuse that Reminders for this, but maybe that’s not what you want, because the mails are in a special nextcloud-format/design or maybe you don’t want to have a calendar entry for that. Also it could make more sense to connect such a service to tasks. There is a commercial service offering things like that: https://www.rememberthemilk.com/
  • You want to write things to people but you know they won’t pay attention / see the mail if they receive it on a friday or by night. Or if you want to remind them on something when they are in a special project or want to send them Birthday wishes when you know that you are absent in that time.

as a start it would be completey enough if you could select a certain date/time in the future when your mail should be sent.

I’m sorry. I didn’t see our previous conversation and thus assume you just ask for the same feature again.

In any case, this is a support forum and discussion platform. Feature requests are tracked where development happens: on Github.

I’m not arguing against the feature. I see how it’s useful.

I know! Just tried to get a bit attention a second time. Won’t touch this topic again, promise!

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