Feature request - rename share link

Hello: Although I believe there is at least one defunct app that did this, I think it should be a standard feature.

I want to be able to set the share link url code manually; to change the 15 character randomly generated one.

Why? I want to have the same URL work on multiple Nextcloud instances (via Anycast IPs).

My low cost VPS hosting company offers anycast IPs and I use Syncthing to keep my main user’s files directory synced to multiple Nextcloud servers. I send large files to clients in different parts of the world and it would be great to be able to generate a share link URL that is the same on each Nextcloud server, so when anycast directs the download to the user’s nearest machine*, it will service that same URL (link).

This seems pretty easy to implement, but not very popular. I recently surveyed other packages to find one which can do this and the only one I found that also met other requirements was FileCloud (and it’s not open source).

Is there a way to do it I don’t know about, or just no one really cares about this feature so it hasn’t been pursued?


—* also solves the problem if your cheap vps is down, file is still available on another one

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