Feature Request Permission predifined Roles for permissions

It would be cool if there were predefined roles that grant users specific rights.
E.G.: A user who can only use Nextcloud Talk to chat completely, but has no access rights to any other apps at all.
Or a user who can only use the calendar or only the files + galary,… and no other application.
It would be cool if you could create such permissions.
Currently you can disable apps for certain users, but unfortunately some of them cannot be deactivated for each user / group… A few will always remain enabled and therefore fine granularity is not possible.

There is a reason why you can’t disable some apps like files - this is simply a requirement for other Nextcloud functions. e.g. if you share a file in Talk there is no “Talk file storage” it just file from Files app which is referenced - Talk just would not work without Files

Makes sense.
It would be still cool to have predifined roles.
Like “Talk User” which includes automatically all apps for talk, which are required.
So like basic roles, that the admin does not have to think which app depends on which one.