Feature request: Making the "files" app removeable


I am interested in using Nextcloud as a backend for only calendar and contact sharing and therefore want to disable anything related to files entirely.

Apparently there is no way to do so at the moment, but maybe it could be taken into consideration?

Best regards

In the meantime, If you want your users not being able to upload files, you can try to set their quota to ‘1 B’

Why not just set up a Baikal server (or DAViCal, radical etc.) instead?

Baikal should do all the CalDAV & CardDAV features just as well as Nextcloud.

It could be interesting (and it could help to get more answers) if you could describe more:

  • what are your goals (are you interested also in other apps like Deck? Do you want to use the tags? …)
  • Is there any other reason you would prefer Nextcloud over other specialized solutions like Baikal

Ok, another option would be to change the default app in the config.php so that users get automatically redirected to the calendar on login and then setting the quota for the files to zero or a very low value so that the files app is basically not usable even if still existing.

Hello everyone,

thank you for your answers. I actually prefer Nextcloud simply because it works really well :slight_smile: . The calendar and contacts backends cause little to no issues and seem to be really stable and the web interface is really nice.

I’m am looking into baikal right now (thank you for the suggestion) - but for now I’m not really making friends with it (still testing, though).

So still… If this feature somehow makes it into Nextcloud in the future, I’d be really happy.

Best regards