Feature request: email notifications for calendar

hi, i hope this is the correct category for feature requests. i desperately need the possibility to add an email reminder as alarm to calendar-events. seems that someone worked on it but it still isn’t finished: https://github.com/nextcloud/server/pull/3044

at the moment it ois possible to select email as a reminder but there appears the message “Email reminders have not been implemented in the CalDAV server yet, so none will be sent.

who had the idea to let the people select a non-working feature as a reminder?

this feature is very important, because often you have to prepare for an event. to be a full replacement for fgoogle this is necessary. so please, if anyone reads this: if you are a developer and are interested, please finish this feature.

also i am thinking about either make a workaround in form of a shell script for cron or join the development myself.


here one point to add: i a m not into CalDAV. but when i add an email reminder with the android-calendar-app Etar, that reminder is successfully synchronized with my netxtcloud via DAVdroid. so whose idea was that error message and is it possible that its simply not true?