Feature request: don't sync files in parent directory when syncing only a sub-directory (or several sub-directories)

Here’s a practical example because I’m not sure the title is clear enough: I have a Music directory on my Nextcloud instance. I have around 900MB of audio files at the root of that directory, which are files I acquired independently from each other, and I have more audio files in sub-directories, which are albums or EPs.

I don’t have my whole music directory synced on my local machine due to disk space concerns, so I sync usually only specific albums I want to listen to. However, let’s say I remove the sync on my music folder at some point because at that moment I prefer listening to sets online, or podcasts, rather than the music I have there, and some time later I buy an album that I want to listen to and upload it to my Nextcloud, when I want to only sync this album it then also syncs the 900MB of loose tracks at the root of my music directory. This can get really annoying because it sometimes can fill up my disk entirely (I have pretty little free space atm) by downloading (in the case that I’ve experienced today) 3x more content than what I’m initially asking for.

It would be nice if syncing the loose files at the root of a directory was optional, or at least if the user could chose not to do that when selecting which directory/directories to sync.

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