[Feature Request] Custmizable repeat schedule

With the current specification, it is possible to create a repeating schedule.
But there are times when it is not a purely fixed schedule after the second time.

I make a repeat schedule with rules every month.
The schedule will be slightly different after 2 months. And change the schedule after 2 months separately. Then all of the schedules after 3 months will be automatically adjusted* and the schedules will go wrong. *Perhaps it seems like a process like “after 30 days from the date of change”.

(For example)
When changing any individual schedule in the repeat schedule, I want you to remove the repeat rule of a changed schedule. Or I want you to be able to flexibly change / adjust the repeat schedule.

I have many plans to repeat, so this is an important function.

Mirthful day,

I’d like to support this request.
It would be great to be able to Edit any occurance in a repeat schedule and set it to end the repeat schedule or to interupt it for 1 or more times.
For instance every tuesday 9am tem meeting but interuption for 3 weeks of holidays.

I will write the greatest ideals. I can see that it is difficult because by also other calendar applications can not be realized.

It is a schedule based on the days of the week such as “Wednesday of the month” and “Tuesday of the week”.
I will cite this December as an example. The second Wednesday in December is “12/13/2017”. Tuesday of the second week of December is “12/5/2017”.

I have a lot of such adjustments. Currently, when I try to adjust this adjustment with Nextcloud Calendar, I have a lot of process steps and it is tough. I don’t have difficulties if I make a schedule manually every month. I just don’t forget to make it early.

If I make it on a repeating schedule, problems will come up. Of course there is nothing wrong with the first schedule. Since the schedule of the second time (the next month) has a different date, it is necessary to adjust the date manually. I must turn off the iteration rule first.
When I forget this and change the date, all the schedule for the second month (after 2 months) has been moved to a completely different date. In other words, In other words, Nextcloud Calendar can not be used repeatedly unless it is a fixed day of every month (every week, day). No matter what happens, regardless of the day of the week, like “12th” of every month.

This is an ideal to the last.
First of all, I want you to be able to flexibly change part of the repeat schedule.