Feature request: categories support for calendar

Hi all.

To complete the porting of the calendar service from my current application, I need the support of the “CATEGORIES” field, at least showing it, better changing the event color (or something similar).

I will be happy to help coding this modification, but I wish to receive some introduction to the current code, at least to identify the right points to modify, to shorten the time. It could be possible?

Thank you.

Gabriele Turchi

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i bet the right place would be at github to file this feature request and offer…
take a look here… --> https://github.com/nextcloud/calendar

good luck

Already done, but no answer yet… :slight_smile:

against which “solution” do you wanna snyc nextcloud-calendar?

Not a real sync, just import ical files from the previous software (eGroupware). But I need the categories to match the functionality.

well if the direct way seems to be one with obstacles… have you put into consideration that you could import your calendar(s) from your original software to a outlook one (and hopefully keep your categories) b/c there is a great and free solution to export (and really snyc) your contacts from there AND keeping your categories…

meaning --> egroupware --> outlook --> nc

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. Now, at least for my understanding, the calendar file is transferred from the server to the bowser “as is”, so the “CATEGORIES” field is still there. Is the javascript code on the client that draws the event on the web page, but that field is simply ignored.
Apparently, is just the interface code that needs to be extended.

awww ok. sorry. my misunderstanding. forget everything that i said before… :blush:

No problem! :wink: