Feature Request: Calendar Entry Approval

I wonder if it would be too much to code/make changes to the calendar app in such a way that the creator of an entry on someone else’s shared calendar does not show up as created until the owner has approved it. Obviously this would be a permissions option the owner would have to decide prior to sharing his or her calendar. I’ll give you an example:

Person A shares a calendar with a group of people (B, C, D, etc…)
Person A creates multiple entries for the above people to see - great!
Person B then creates an entry on that same shared calendar but because permissions have been set in such a way by Person A, his entry is not listed as created, but instead pending - that is until Person A accepts his requested entry.


Sounds like a good idea, but I’m not sure if the underlying CalDAV supports this.

My current workaround is 2 calendars, one read only and one read-write. So the “moderators” move events from r+w to the r calendar when they approve the event.

That sounds like a doable solution in the meantime. Ideally that feature would be very useful to me personally but also something that would be helpful if available all around I think. Like you said however, and I don’t know myself either, if CalDAV is capable of interpreting it

I think it is nothing that CalDAV should handle. Nextcloud got the request “create entry”. The user receives a approval requests on his webgui or android app and can approve or decline it. After that nextcloud will create the CalDAV entry.

Maybe we can create such a notification feature in our desktop clients too.
Or maybe it is already implemented, I don’t know.

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