Feature request: better btrfs support

Hi there, i have been using NCP for quite some while now. And it runs great, securing your data with btrfs.

But there is quite a big shortcoming here. Something that a storage solution such as NCP really should have: data security

There is no way to connect a second disk or even a third disk to the NCP device and have it function as data backup as well.

What am i talking about: btrfs pools with checksum checks and auto repair to prevent bitrot.

Have some simple UI to detect a second usb harddrive, format it to btrfs, add it to the already existing btrfs pool of the first hdd and configure it to use the second hdd as mirror of the first. With checksumming and auto repair.

In short, have it function like a raid with bitrot protection

We have 4 usb ports on the raspi, better use them to the max :slight_smile:

Nothing is ever simple afaik. :wink: But if you are a dev and want to create a PR, you are most welcome to do so, sounds like a good idea.