[Feature Request] avoid look-alike characters in shared link token

From time to time, I need to manually type a shared link. Such situations are usually rare but urgent.

Bonus point: use only lowercase alphabetical characters, i. e. no uppercase and no digits because it impedes typing the token especially on mobile touchscreen keyboard.

It’s better to make token longer to have same complexity rather than use bigger but inconvenient character sets.

This topic duplicates github issue: Avoid look-alike characters in shared link token · Issue #5688 · nextcloud/server · GitHub — I haven’t found consistent way of making feature requests, I apologize for the extra noise.

It’s not always clear where a feature request belongs. Such direct requests are probably better for github. Here it’s perhaps if there are more questions about it, some implementation is not sure or if there are different ways. On github requests are tagged and tracked some way, in the forum they are “lost” after some time.

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