Feature Request: Auto Pause sync for unconnected drives

Hey hi,

I love using nextcloud and its a great solution for backup and remote access of my files.

I have a lot of folder syncs set up, many of them on external hard drives. When they are not connected, I always get the ennoying X in the status bar, which gets really frustrating over time and also keeps me from checking for “real” sync errors with files that are supposed to be synced at the moment.

Would it be possible to include in option to automatically pause the sync on drives or locations that nc-client can’t find on the local machine? And resume syncing once it sees them again?

Also: it would be AMAZING to let nc-client understand that I want to eject a drive. At the moment, I get a “Drive is currently in use…” every time I try to unmount one and always have to close nc-client.

………Also id really love to see a working implementation of virtual files on macOS.

Thanks and kindest regards!