Feature request - Add a feature to display default credentials after installing modules

Hello Nextcloud team!


I am Senthilkumar from India. I have reviewed and recommended Nextcloud via my blog. I would like you to add a simple and yet useful feature in Nextcloud.

Could you guys please add a feature to display the default login credentials after installing each module in Nethserver’s dashboard? I had to go-through the administrator manual to find out the username and password every time. Say for example, I installed ownCloud from the Server-manager. At the end of installation, it shows only the installation successful message. I couldn’t find the default credentials. It is much better if you add a feature or way to display the important details such as login and password in a pop-up window or something else. It is much better if a small window like a pop-up window would display the login URL and default login details, and important directories/files to customize modules after installing them.

Is this feature already implemented in Nextcloud? If i is, please guide where should I look? Thank you.

The module is not packaged by Nextcloud. So rather ask the NethServer community that they should add this feature like it was done for ownCloud.

But this is the mandatory feature. I am wondering why community members should write a module for this feature. This must be done by the developers themselves. Every applications shows the default credentials after installing them. But Nextcloud doesn’t has this feature by default. I have no problems to look into the manual, but it is much better if it is added in Nextcloud installation package.

If you install Nextcloud, it asks you in which database is used and also asks what the first admin name and credentials should be. So the Nethserver-app probably does this with some default or auto-generated values that Nextcloud does not control. Since only password hashes are used, Nextcloud can’t tell you the password.

Thanks for the clarification. I mark this thread as solved. I should probably contact the Nethserver community.