Feature request: ability to "unload" files in iOS


Thanks for at great app!
But after playing around with the app on iOS a bit I’ve found a feature that would be very helpful.
When clicking on a picture that’s available on the server it downloads it to the device. This will soon lead to a device getting full. I can’t remove the photo (or other file) from the device without deleting it.

It would thus be very helpful to be able to “unload” a file manually from an iOS-device but still keeping it on the server.


… in the preferences/adavaced section you are able to delete the cache (downloaded files) and you will be asked to delete the thumbs as well. That should fit your request, does it?!

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To delete a single file or folder from the device you can swipe and then select “delete from cache”.

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Wow! I thought I had looked, but had missed that entirely.
Thank you very much, just what I was looking for!