[Feature] Name details when adding a contact

When adding a new contact, is it possible to always show the “Name Details” fields?

No, this is not possible. As usual on other devices, the simplified variant is used by default and the more detailed variant can be used optionally.

All my (existing) contacts have display names like “Joe Doe” and sort as “Doe, Joe”. As usual with other desktop applications, I might add.

When adding a contact via NC, I either can enter “Joe Doe”, which gets sorted as “Joe Doe”, or “Doe, Joe”, which gets displayed as “Doe, Joe”. And I’m not even mentioning names like “Arthur C. Clarke” and “John van Halen”.

So if I need to switch to the more detailed variant for the vast majority of names, I’d rather have it by default.

Something similar to the calendar app setting “[ ] Skip simple event editor”.

As this sounds like a nice feature, the requests for this are quite low. Currently there a no plans to implement such a feature. Thus I will close this ticket for now. This does not mean we don’t want this feature, but it is simply not on our roadmap for the near future. If somebody wants to implement this feature nevertheless we are happy to assist and help out.