Feature freeze this Friday, help review PR's!

We’re coming up on Nextcloud 14 feature freeze - the release schedule has been written down and coming Friday no new features can go in anymore.

There are, as of this writing, almost 60 open pull requests for the server and many others for core apps and your help is very much needed in reviewing those to get them in! Help test, look at the code and see if it makes sense, you don’t need to be a genius to be a reviewer! Every pair of eyes helps, even if you merely check our coding guidelines!

It is all hands on deck so get involved!


-> 27 PR’s to be reviewed when I write this. Go forth and help get them in :wink:

Remember, everybody can help!


Good news everyone!

We decided to add 2 weeks until feature freeze, as there was still a lot of good stuff close-to-finished and that shouldn’t wait a full release cycle. This gives us a bit more time to stabilize things, which is better than excepting 2-3 things from the freeze and risking bugs.


Friendly note: end of day, winter will be here :wink:


How’re you looking? Lots still open?

I see 7 unmerged enhancements in ‘to review’ mode…

Help welcome!

We’ll do a beta this week, I understand…