Feature: Create Album in Photos app from Folder in Files

Hi, I am currently uploading a lot of pictures into my nextcloud. They are stored under Files app in separate folders (e.g. New York 2019). Wouldn’t it be nice, if in the files app you could choose for an folder with pictures that from this folder an album in photos is automatically created.

I have 15000 pics in respective folders in files, but in photos app I need to re-create an album again which is very much work.



My recommendation is to Just use memories. Its a full-featured photos app far superior to the stock photos app. It has this feature you’re requesting.

The Nextcloud devs are already working really hard on all the other 1st party apps and are unlikely to catch up to the feature set of memories any time soon.


I created an account just to reply to this answer … because it is kind of frustrating ^^’
A lot of people (including myself) are asking for a simple feature, something really basic, that is the possibility to simply create an album from an existing folder …
Everytime someone asks for this, that person always gets a similar answer “you should use memories” => memories DOES NOT GIVE THIS FEATURE !!!
Please, Nextcloud team needs to understand that : being able to create an album from a folder, is like the basic 101 for ANY photo management …
A ton of people (including myself) migrate their photos historically from various sources, and they all generally come in a similar aspect: a folder per album !
When photos are coming from another source, date files (or exifs) are not always correct, but also and more important, you can have albums that are not related to a timeline ! but for example a project ! and in that case it is extremely frustrating to have to search accross thousands of photos to “recreate” an album … knowing that you already have everything inside a simple folder !

Sorry for the rant, but recreating “by hand” all the imported albums is … well …

Let me be a bit more constructive:
Right now, using Memories, you have to go to folders, then inside the album folder, then manually select all the photos and videos inside: if you have … let says 200 photos & videos on that folder album … then … you’ll have to click the “tick” of each items, so 200 clicks … and then, once you have selected all the items … you can “add to album” … this is a real pain …

EDIT: yes … you can also select inside the album directory individually each date … in my case, I have projects that were spread across 2/3 years … with pictures took 2/3 times a week … a “bit” quicker than selecting individually … but still a pain …

you are soooo right !

Seems like you’re not aware that Memories supports multi-selection, so this is actually just a few clicks.

Select the first image, scroll down, hold Shift and click on another image. Everything in between will be selected. Repeat till you reach the last image, selecting maybe a hundred at a time.

See https://youtu.be/vUNJxJMauXk

That still doesn’t quite solve it.

First, I have ~50 folders which I would like to turn into albums - still tedious this way. And I know quite a few people with far more than 100 albums…

Second, many of these folders contain subfolders which cannot be selected. You have to open each one and add the contents separately. While sub-albums would be another feature request, I’d like to at least be able to add them all at once to one “Main” album.