[Feature] Birthdays without year

Hi everyone,

I don’t really understand if nextcloud supports the ‘without year’ feature described in the carddav / vcard format.

In the thread on Github, https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues/4287 I can see that in 2018 : “The Android contacts app supports year-less dates as does DAVdroid and the Cardbook extension for Thunderbird.”
I can still confirm that, as I use Cardbook for Thunderbird and the Android contact app.
But when I write a date without a year in both of them and try to sync on my nextcloud account, nothing is uploaded to the server.
On the nextcloud web app, the birthday field stays empty.

Besides, there is no possibility in the nextcloud web app to tick or untick a box to mention we want to use a date without a year.

And then, none of the contacts that are in my Thunderbird/Cardbook without a year have they birthday included in the automatically generated calendar ‘contact anniversaries’.

Will the ‘birthday without a year’ be supported by nextcloud?

It looks like that the developer plans to fix it in a future version, see

Closed in favour of the github issue