Fax (new app) Looking for input and any help

I’m going to create a fax app. The idea would be to select one or more files, enter in the required fax information and off it goes. Twilio has a beta feature with a rest API, so the actual faxing would be handled by them. I hate faxes, but government, banks and medical offices (at least in the US) still rely on faxes.

I think for V1, I’m just going to have basic faxing. Selecting files and preparing the fax could have a nice workflow, but for now, I’m just going to expect the user to tag files with something like “ToBeFaxed” and send them. It will also be limited to PDFs, but there could be a doc>pdf or image>pdf conversion added.

Let me know if you have any interested to brainstorm and/or help with the development. This is my first NC app, so it might be a while before it sees the light of day.


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Would be also great to integrate HylaFAX as this meets the idea of self-hosted-services :wink:

Their used API’s can be found here.

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HylaFAX integration would be awesome, because a phone line and a compatible card would suffice without relying on an external provider that could shut down on a whim.

You could even use VOIP

Well, VoiP and fax is a difficult relationship. If T.38 isn’t enabled then most faxes will simply fail because fax is extremely time-sensitive. It would be possible with a reliable provider though that has T.38 enabled.

Still, an app that supports fax would be awesome because it would add another very useful capability to Nextcloud.

I don’t know what is the situation in US, but here in Germany, providers will switch to VOIP completely (eg. Telekom by 2018). So no matter if T.38 is enabled or not, you must use FAX via VOIP.

But this only as a side note (maybe useful for the next quiz night).

It is still a good idea to implement HylaFAX.