Favorites & Offline for subfolders

Nvm, it’s working with offline folders, just not for favorites.


Hey guys,

loving the NC experience so far, but the iOS apps are keeping me from switching from Resilio.
I’d love to download my whole NextCloud (but am happy to select single folders as well, just not subfolders individually) to my iPad.

However, if you add a folder to favorites / mark it as available offline, this only ever affects the top folder, making it very tedious to download everything.

So far, the only “working” solution I’ve found is using GoodReader, but that isn’t integrated into the “Files” app on iOS, making it hard to use for me - plus I’ve had some bad experiences with Dropbox sync breaking in GR in the past, so I’d rather not rely on it.

Are there any other solutions for this / is this in development?