Favorite does not work on iOS client (server version 10.0.6)

I have just migrated my server from OwnCloud 9 to Nextcloud 10. My nextcloud clients on both iPad and iPhone lost the favorites. They were working fine against ownCloud server before.

I have tried remove the app and reinstall again from App Store. The favorites I set disappeared as soon as I browse around or add another favorite. They never appeared on the favorite list, either the setting of keep favorites offline enabled or not.

Does the favorite feature on iOS client depends on server version 11 or higher?

The reason of stucking in nextcloud 10 is that The server is currently run as a plugin on a FreeNAS. I won’t upgrade the server version until FreeNAS 11.1 with native docker support.

Do you still see the favorites on the web interface?

btw: NC 10 is already end of life! The last update was from beginning of this month. The next series of minor releases will come the next weeks (currently scheduled for mid-september). So you should upgrade your system this month as well.