Failure to update

Goodmorning everyone,
sorry but maybe i missed something?
On my server (apache2, php 7.4, mariadb 10.3.29) I tried three weeks ago to install NC21 with a clean install, but access was very slow and also the synchronization of all mobile apps. Basically it was almost unusable. Overwhelmed, I put back version 20.0.8. After a few days, from a stable channel, he proposed 20.0.9 to me and after a few more days, 20.0.10, and he still doesn’t offer me 21: am I wrong?
Thanks so much to those who will help me! :bowing_man:

Good evening,
but nobody really knows or can answer me, please? :bowing_man:

Hello @mercurio,

there are multiple release channels for Nextcloud.
It’s completely normal that not everyone gets the new version directly, so if you want to update, you need to switch your release channel to beta. I also have a instance running with NC 20.0.10, that’s completely fine.
This delay is there to not overload the update servers and to fix errors before everyone has to deal with them.
Normally, everyone gets the new major version after 1 or 2 subversions (e… NC 21.1)


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Hi Philipp,
thank you very much for your reply, very kind! :blush:
Ok I’ll wait, I’m not particularly in a hurry: 20.0.10, it’s a pleasure !!!
What I would like to know is why doing a clean installation of 21.0.1, I had so many problems, yet I used the same procedure for 20.0.10 …