Failure to Auto Tag files - NC14


Good morning,

I have an NC14 instance set up and have a CIFS share mounted for scanned post from the mail room. Every morning a new folder named yyyy-mm-dd containing department post (PDF) is uploaded to their designated folder which I have tagged as POST FOLDER.

I have a Workflow in place stating that anything placed in a location with a file system tag of POST FOLDER is tagged as POST ITEM allowing me to enforce the 60 day retention policy against these uploads.

The problem I have is that the Auto Tagging is inconsistent and will randomly tag some of the new folders and not others, even the auto tagged folders contents getting tagged is a bit hit and miss. If I create / upload anything via the web ui or directly on the taget CIFS location it gets tagged.

Did not have this issue in OC and am thinking of rebuilding using NC13 if this is a known bug, any advice would be much appreciated.



I’m am confronted to a similar problem :
I have a workflow setting to apply apply tags for each files in specifics folders.
In my case it’s not erratic, it’s never work on NC14.

This is my conf:

-Ubuntu 16.04.5
-Mysql 5.7.23

No error in server settings overview.

This is how it’s set:

  • 2 Collaboratives tags set : Classroom and delete-files.
  • 1 rule group applied to Classroom tagged elements (folders in my case).
  • 1 rule in this group : tag apply delete-files .
  • 1 file retention rule:
    delete everything tagged with delete-files after 1 day.

Nothing happen when I upload or create a file in tagged folder with Classroom.
I deleted and created again rules and tags, but it did not helped.

This configuration works withount any problem with NC13.


I would report this in the nextcoloud/server section on Github.