Failed update to 11.0.3

A few weeks ago I attempted an update from 11.0.1 to 11.0.3 from the built-in updater. I remember getting an error and in the process of fixing things, somehow I screwed up, and ever since, the updater would only allow me to download the update and install it manually.

Which I finally got to last night, following the instructions here.

occ upgrade reported success at the end of the process. Nevertheless, I ended up with only the files Files, Activity and Gallery apps and that only for the admin user, since I lost the LDAP authentication app. Clicking on the Apps (+) icon, never brings up anything. Just churns endlessly. Note that I have no apps outside of those distributed with NextCloud.

Also, NextCloud does not seem to know it’s been upgraded. It’s still showing 11.0.3 as an available upgrade.

I am thinking that if I knew where NextCloud keeps the info about the apps and their configs it would be an easy fix.

Any pointers would be helpful…

Thanks in advance.

OK! Got it back.

I ran occ a second time and re-enabled the missing apps. All is fine now.

Obviously, I have no clue about what happened.