Failed to Upload pictures

Hello :slight_smile:

Nextcloud is running fine and this is the first Problem i have with it. I got the Problem that pictures were not upload, with the size bigger than 10megabyte. This is the code i get:

OC\DB\QueryBuilder\QueryBuilder::__construct(): Argument #3 ($logger) must be of type Psr\Log\LoggerInterface, OC\Log given, called in /var/snap/nextcloud/31038/nextcloud/extra-apps/backup/vendor/artificial-owl/my-small-php-tools/lib/Db/Nextcloud/nc23/NC23ExtendedQueryBuilder.php on line 74

Anything under the size is no Problem

Thank you! :heavy_multiplication_x:

Please check out the Nextcloud Admin guide and especially the PHP upload_max_filesizeparameter, which most likely need to be adjusted.