Failed to upload - App was terminated

On my Alcatel I seem to be seeing this error a lot with auto backup on the app. It’ll one minute show as uploading in the notification bar and next minute have failed.

I’ve removed the app from battery optimisations yet the “issue” remains.

Has anyone else seen this?

Cc @Andy

Hi @JasonBayton,

what is shown in the upload view for the files? Due to Android Doze this might happen but the auto upload should resume the uploads whenever Android allows us to do so. Which version are you running? (beta I guess).

Running RC2 primarily, the beta is on a test instance :slight_smile:

What I see is the title of the topic, usually on larger videos but not always. “App was terminated”. Doing a retry is successful as it doesn’t autoresume.

The App was terminated shoud be Android Doze. AFAIK the new implementation will resume uploading whenever Android triggers/allows us to do, right @tobiasKaminsky?

Is this irrespective of battery optimisation settings?

Not shure would have to take a deeper look into Android Doze. But since we are able to detect that we have been terminated it seems to be still an app termination issue which hints at Doze. cc @tobiasKaminsky