Failed to install nextcloud

After copying setup-nextcloud.php to the folder on the linux server, chown to www-data. Visited the webpage and started the install for it to say success then goes to 403 Forbidden You don’t have permissions to access this resource.
It lets me in if I rename .htaccess file, I can then create an account. However renaming the htaccess file will only bring problems further on, with it it won’t let me in.

What am I missing?

Many thanks

Maybe your webserver is not allowed to read the file. Please check if your webserver user and group e.g. www-data is allowed to read the file. Although this should actually be the case, as the user has also carried out the installation.

Figured it out. Added Options MultiViews FollowSymLinks to apache2 sites-available section.

reloaded apache2 and refreshed the page and in we went