Fail to open files (pdf) found by nextant


i have installed solr server like discribed at github and install the nextant app.
After that i have tested the connection from the app to solr server and all is fine.
After that i have initialized the first scan through occ command, this also works fine.

So i have tested the nextant search and it seems all is fine, nextant shows the documents wich have the searched keywords in, but when i click on a document to open it, in my case pdf´s, then the pdf reader can´t open it because he don’t find the file. If i open a pdf through the files app, all is fine and the pdf is shown.

Edit: I don´t know why he access the file through webdav

Hope someone can help with that ?

regards and thanks in advanced :slight_smile:

@nitroese : can you try to open your pdf with the last release of Nextant (1.0.1) ?

@Cult @nitroese Just updated the Nextant app to 1.0.1.

I get still the same error like in screenshot above.

@guddl @Cult Hi…i also have the same errors with 1.0.1.

Any of you would create a temporary test account on your cloud and send me the login infos by mail/pm ?

Sent you a PM :wink:

@cult … I started “sudo -u www-data php occ nextant:live” in a screen session.