Fail to load CODE

Can’t load Collabora Online - try later
After upgrade Nextcloud to 18 version Collabora doesn’t work

I can get access to
both can get

but when I try to open some document I have notice in Nextcloud window
" Failed to load Collabora Online - please try again later"

when I try to open some doctype
example https://blhblah/loleaflet/be45e63/loleaflet.html
“Wrong or missing WOPISrc parameter, please contact support.”

Try this app instead Collabora Online
And systemctl restart docker

it was installation without docker

I tryed this app and have same problem. at the beginning open a blank window and some later notification “failed to load Collabora…”

Жаль. У меня была та же проблема помогло перезапустить докер и установка WOPI. Попробуй перезапустить сам сервис Collabora

I’m add new name server to /etc/resolve.conf