Face recognition Survey

Hi all,
As some of you may already know after a long time of develop, we were able to publish our face recognition app. I probably should have write an introduction long ago here, but I didn’t… Sorry… :joy:

As I said many times, it is a very wanted feature by some people, and very questionable by others, however we try to preserve the privacy of all users. Absolutely none data is shared, and absolutely none photo is analyzed or even read if the user does not enable it. :wink:

That said, I am not writing now for publicity since we need some real user feedback. Basically we want to know your experience with the application, be it good or bad. :smiley:

In particular beyond the requirements, once the application is installed I think the application is working well, but in my case don’t test the application beyond 4500 photos. it works very well for me with the default configuration parameters, but this is probably not the case for other users, and this is what I would like to know.

So, the fundamental thing today is have an real feedback from users. I want to know how many photos analyzed, and what type of errors you had according to the configuration used.

Of course, any other comments are welcome.