Extremely slow download speed (Except for local)


I’ve recently installed nextcloud on my raspberry pi 4 with 4gb ram and a 500gb ssd. (located at my home network)
When downloading while connected to my home network I get download speeds as expected.
When downloading while away i get extremely slow download speeds (see screenshot). Ive tried all sorts of guides and tutorials without any success. If there’s any more information that could help I can always add but I don’t really know where the problem is. Ive also added a screenshot with the download and upload speed and htop.


Any help is really appreciated!

It is depending on the upload speed of your internet connection. In most cases it has a lower speed than download.

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40 KB/s <<<<< 2.64 Mpbs

Download speed is 66 times slower than theoretical speed? That’s not normal

Also, plex works perfectly fine streaming over 2 Mpbs…