Extreme battery usage Windows 10

I am using Nextcloud on my Windows 10 notebook (Lenovo ThinkPad E15 Gen.2). After installation, the battery drain increases sharply.
According to the statistics of Windows, 70% of the used power has been used by Nextcloud.


Is anything known about this? Is there anything I can test or change here?

Version number could be helpful. If the behaviour changes directly after an update, you can create a bug report: Issues · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub

The version number is 3.2.4.
I also had this problem with the previous version, so I was hoping that this would be fixed with this update.

Hi @roecnic

For me it is very likely that the exreme battery usage is directly related to this issue. Maybe you can observe the CPU usage on your system and then add your observations to the existing issue…

Thank you for the hint.
The CPU load is currently between 0% and 0.2%. I will continue to monitor this.

I have no reference handy but devs stated simple update from 3.2.3 may remain broken. It’s recommended to remove the client sync DB

  • client root path/.sync_<some random string>.db and
  • client root path/.sync_<same random string>.db-wal

after update to 3.2.4 (next start results in full sync and takes long time and uses lot of traffik/CPU)

Thanks, I will try this out