Extract files from WebDAV?


I’ve just set up me private cloud with containerized Nextcloud. Before I start using it, I’d like to know whether I’m able to get my files back to normal filesystem?

The files I’ve uploaded are not accessible via /nextcloud/data/, but if I’d like to switch to an other solution I need my files as normal files and not stored via WebDAV.

Thank you for your help

WebDAV is only a transport protocol and has no influence on the file itself. You should find the files somwhere on your server. Check-out to which volume or container you’ve mounted your data directory and you should find what you’re looking for :wink:

Normally you set the data-dir in config/config.php:

'datadirectory' => '/var/www/nextcloud/data',

In this example the files of a user “user” are in
(there are additional folders for trash, versions, …)

Setting data folder in config/config.php


The data folder location depends on your container configuration.

So the files are stored normally in …/nextcloud/data?

There is just


Please post the “datadirectory”-entry from …/nextcloud/config/config.php

That is or was the directory from the user “admin”.
Do you have more than one user?

Oh I see there are my data… I’ve thought that is a config directory. No art the moment there is no other user, it is just set up.