Extract data from Android App


One of my user has lost all its data on the Nextcloud Server, but most of it is still accessible through the Android app (at least the Photos are). What would be the easiest way to recover all the data from the app ? (without having to transfer each file separately from the app interface)

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The files are stored in /Android/media/com.nextcloud.client/

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Apparently the folder exists but is empty.
It looks like only the photos are still accessible through the app. I suspect those are downsized cached previews. Where would those be stored ?

Hmm, with the automatic upload feature they might be just the normal pictures in DCIM?

But that directory should not be empty. At least there should be an directory for the associated account, no?

There are two subfolders in the “/Android/media/com.nextcloud.client/” folder: on with the email address of the user, and a tmp folder. Both empty apparently.

The photos are not in the DCIM folder, since most of them where uploaded from a previous phone (according to the user).

Here is the full story: the user in question can’t access any of their files through the web interface, and in the log I get a message indicating nextcloud-server wasn’t able to decrypt the file.

But in their Nextcloud Android client, they can still access their data (at least the photos, which seems to be the only thing they care about). So two possibilities: the photos are cached somewhere, or somehow the phone is able to get the encrypted data from the server, and decrypt it ?

Hmm, sounds like an issue with the password for encryption. Maybe the Android app has a separate app password that still works?

In the Android app, all files marked with the green checkmark should also be available in that folder. If the android app can still decrypt the files than you might be able to download them all by selecting the syncronize option in the three dot menu of a folder and then copy them out of the folder manually.