Extract cloud/federated id from a share


A friend shared a file from their Nextcloud server with mine, for this, I gave them my cloud id (user@NC-cloud-domain.tld). This works great, but now, I’d like to share a file with them, but I’ve not found any easy way to copy paste their federated cloud id.

I can read it (on the share, a little “pop-up” shows “friend@theircloud.tld”, but I can’t copy that. In “Details”, there’s no mention of who’s sharing this file with me.

Is there something I’m missing, or could this be a feature request?


Same here. Make a feature request.
It is also not possible copy file- and folder-links at image- and filename-position.
Sometimes i use / at the end of id so nextcloud makes no mistake between id an email :wink:

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Thanks devnull, I did that right here: Easy access to Federated Cloud ID

: ]

Thanks. But perhaps you must open an issue in GitHub.

I don’t have a Github account. Sorry.

i opened an Issue

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Thank you :slight_smile: