Extra files after manually update

I went trouble on web interface update from 13.0.5 to 13.0.6 as you can see here:

So i decide to make an update manual. And facing problems with some hash errors and extra files. And follow documentation here:

And now i get this:

Technical information
The following list covers which files have failed the integrity check. Please read
the previous linked documentation to learn more about the errors and how to fix

- notifications
		- l10n/mn.js
		- l10n/id.json
		- l10n/eu.js
		- l10n/es_HN.json
		- l10n/vi.json
		- l10n/uk.json
		- l10n/ar.json
		- l10n/ro.json
		- l10n/gl.js
		- l10n/ca.json
		- l10n/eu.json
		- l10n/ko.json
		- l10n/ia.json
		- l10n/es_HN.js
		- l10n/sl.json
		- l10n/uk.js
		- l10n/sq.json
		- l10n/sl.js
		- l10n/vi.js
		- l10n/mn.json
		- l10n/et_EE.json
		- l10n/ro.js
		- l10n/et_EE.js
		- l10n/id.js
		- l10n/ko.js
		- l10n/sq.js
		- l10n/gl.json
		- l10n/ar.js
		- l10n/ia.js
		- l10n/ca.js

But i don’t find this folder in main folder of nextcloud. How can i fix this?


Are there nobody to help out?

For the manual upgrade, you normally delete the old code and just keep the data/-folder and the config/-folder. Then you run the updater which should get the code for the apps from the app store automatically. Since the number of files is now limited, you could delete them by hand from your file system, the notification app should be within the apps/-folder.