EXTRA_FILE following upgrade to NC11

I am continually getting extra files listed when I rescan even if manually deleting the listed files. See below


  • core
      • .htaccess
      • core/l10n/am_ET.json
      • core/l10n/tg_TJ.js
      • lib/l10n/fy_NL.json
      • lib/l10n/am_ET.js

If I delete these files then another four will appear after a rescan.

I am running Raspbian Jessie, other environment details are

Memory usage

Total: 1.0 GB - Current usage: 338.4 MB


Version: 7.0.13
Memory Limit: 512.0 MB
Max Execution Time: 3600
Upload max size: 1.5 GB

Type: mysql
Version: 5.5.53
Size: 27.8 MB

Webserver is nginx

Any assistance would be appreciated.

You mean Nextcloud is creating these files itself? This seems a bit strange. Can you set the owner of these l10n folders to root:www-data and chmod 750. This way the webserver can’t create new files in these folders.

I have made the changes as requested. Restarted NGINX and performed a code integrity rescan. I now have these extra files.

    - core/l10n/gu.js
    - core/l10n/sw_KE.json
    - lib/l10n/am_ET.json
    - lib/l10n/ta_IN.js

I will remove these files and perform another restart and rescan. If these are EXTRA_FILES that only get reported as a group, in other words, once the previous files are deleted they are then only detected it would suggest that the scan process is at fault.

Further to my earlier reply I am no longer getting any extra files reported in core/l10n. I am still getting different files reported in lib/l10n.

These are the actions I follow

  1. Delete reported EXTRA_FILES
  2. Restart NGINX
  3. Rescan
  4. List of invalid files

Each time two different files are reported as being extra.

Hope that helps

After another six iterations of my previously described actions I no longer have extra files listed.