External $user drive not working after upgrading to 16.0.0 RC1

Tried updating today which went smoothly but afterwards could not access external mount that uses the $user variable. (Other external mounts were working normally)

Rolled my VM back (to 15.0.5) and it is working normally again.

Any suggestions?

Are there any known issues with this?

Nextcloud Server is Ubuntu 18.04.1

External share is on a Windows 2016 Server.

Maybe the domain is missing?

Thanks for replying.
Tried with and without the domain field. On 15.0.5 all the external shares have the domain field filled in.
Credentials are set to “Log-in credentials, save in database”
We use LDAP authentication on a Windows domain

We experience kind of the same issues after updating to 16.x. Shares using the $user variable are accessible in Nextcloud, but sharing doesn’t work and OnlyOffice can’t access the files. Other smb-mounts do work.

has someone reported this as a possible bug on github? i mean after having made sure that this behaviour would still exist in final versions…

The problem is reported, but the ticket is closed without any working solution: https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues/15934

well not THE working solution for you… if you havent already done so pls post your comment there are well… so that devs would know that there is a bug

bad enough the files issue on github marks the solution for this forum as there is nothing more we could do about it on here.

True, not the working solution for me and for others.

I’ll wait for a response on Github then.

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