External USB cant be found? (/media/USBdrive does not exist)

[ nc-automount ] (Tue Oct 27 14:56:30 GMT 2020)
automount enabled

[ nc-format-USB ] (Tue Oct 27 14:56:34 GMT 2020)
/dev/sda: 8 bytes were erased at offset 0x00000200 (gpt): 45 46 49 20 50 41 52 54
/dev/sda: 8 bytes were erased at offset 0x1d1c1115c00 (gpt): 45 46 49 20 50 41 52 54
/dev/sda: 2 bytes were erased at offset 0x000001fe (PMBR): 55 aa
WARNING: failed to open /dev/btrfs-control, skipping device registration: No such device
Drive sda formatted successfuly and labeled myCloudDrive

[ nc-datadir ] (Tue Oct 27 14:56:37 GMT 2020)
/media/USBdrive does not exist


NC noob here. I am trying to set up a personal cloud using a Pi 4 and a Seagate external HDD. So far so good until I am trying to configure via the NCP web wizard and encounter the above problem. I am generally new to projects like this so this may be an easy fix. Any ideas?

nc-datadir - Orange

nc-format-USB - Green

nc-automount - Green

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Okay all I had to do was the following.

sudo mkdir /media/USBdrive/ncdatabase

pi@nextcloudpi:~ $ sudo mkdir /media/USBdrive/ncdatabase
mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/media/USBdrive/ncdatabase’: No such file or directory


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yeah I get the same issue here. initially the drive wasn’t showing up at all, but even when it shows up in /dev/sdb with nc-automount enabled, nothing appears in /media/

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Same for me. /media/ is empty

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