External storage


I was installing nextcloud for the first time with an external storage for accessing my files through NFS, the thing is that I do not get my files updated once I work with them from outside nextcloud. I know there is a command to update all directories in nextcloud, but I do not think using that on a cron is the best way to fix this. Is there not any option so that when a user gets inside a directory it updates just that directory? Just like a normal file browser.

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I am facing also another issue with the storage space. Once I add the external local device it continues showing an error like I have no space and that I can not upload more files into the system. Seems like nextcloud is not taking into account the available space in my storage.

Any idea also about this?

it could be permissions

I think it has nothing to do with permissions as NFS is mapping all users to the correct one. I think it has something to do with the NFS itself.