External Storage with USB Stick

I have a 32GB and 16GB USB Stick laying around and would like to use them to extend my storage currently I have a 64gb microsd card in the pi and that is way to little storage.

So I’m wondering what format does it have to be and how to go abouts doing it.

I’ve never used a raspberry pi before neither have any experience with lunix.

I went hunting on howto do this and I found this link Configuring External Storage (GUI) — Nextcloud 12 Server Administration Manual 12 documentation
And with still I’m still clueless on what to do. :stuck_out_tongue:
I have a wireless keyboard and a monitor so I can plug it in to the raspberry pi for any kind of config.

But if someone could reply with a step by step comment on what format it needs to be and how to mount it.

I’m just trying to extend my storage limit. I want it to be so all users can use it. So lets say I filled the microsd with its capacity I want it to then use the usb stick and so on. But all users can use it.

I read that storage on sdcard / usbkey is relatively not safe. Shit happens when (1) it is doing read/write, and (2) the power supply does not provide “sufficient” voltage. The cost is you lost all data and it is not recoverable.
As you’ll have sdcard+usbkey+wirelessKB+allUserS, make sure you also have a decent transformer before start.

For me, just for reference, I have 8G sdcard (used less than 3G) for LAMP server and 8T external (powered) USB harddisk. I moved /var/www and mariadb data to the 8T so as to minimize read/write activities on the sdcard.

Well I have over 100GBs of photos and I can’ find the power supply for my external storage so I’m using usb sticks.

Bumping up.