External storage with usb hard disk


Following official help, i installed the external storage support and connected to my pi3. It is automatically recognized & mounted on media/pi. I also filled the “external storage” fields with “local”, path with “media/pi/SAMSUNG”, gave a name & rights and the button turned to green. But when i click on my external storage it send me back to the main file menu. Note that i can navigate in the hard drive through ssh or when i directly use the pi.
Any Idea?

samba installed and configured?

Installed yes, but not configured…any tuto to follow for a standard configuration?


Looks like files/folders own rights problems
Anyway, personally I don’t use external storage option on Pi for minimaze writing onto SD card. So I mount USB drive through fstab editing, but it needs to reinstall nextcloud, I’m afraid. Good news are You’ll don’t lose any file on Your drive after reinstall.

Well, you’re right, it was a problem of rights that I solved by mounting the disk (& editing fstab) and then changing the rights so that it can be used by nextcloud. Now all is working fine, without reinstall.
However, I’m surprised by what you say about writing on SD. I thought that using external storage would write More on hard disk and less on SD…?


Well, You have main storage something like /var/www/nextcloud/data on Your SD with all that stuff like .htaccess, nextcloud.log and whatever else and You have external storage for extra data space. But all system info, say, for logging needs still writing on SD. I talk about setting data folder as, say, /media/harddisk from the start configuration page, so all things are on external disk and server doesn’t use data folder on SD at all