External Storage with OneDrive

I’d like to use OneDrive as external storage. I tried to connect through WebDav but it doesn’t work and I don’t get an useful error message. I’m able to connect with the same credentials from my Windows Computer.

Any hints?


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You can test the webdav capabilities of a storage with litmus:

On your setup, do other webdav storages work?

thanks for your reply!
When I do this test against OneDrive it fails at the second test:
1. begin................. FAIL (Could not create new collection/418dxxxxxxxx5e1b/litmus/’ for tests: 302 Found`
The same link with Windows (or in the browser) works though I get redirected to another link when I try it in the browser.

When I test against my nextcloud it fails at number 18 of the props test.
18. propget............... FAIL (Property {http://example.com/neon/litmus/}high-unicode had value , expected 𐀀)

Unfortunately I don’t have another webdav storage.
I’d rather like to access onedrive through their own rest API but I didn’t find a nextcloud plugin for that. Is there any plugin that gets near to the OneDrive API? (So I could code it by myself but I’d like to have an example.)

Can you retry with the redirected address? For a different webdav storage you could try demo.nextcloud.com

There is a feature request on owncloud: https://github.com/owncloud/core/issues/14478
Not sure, how the current status is, but if it is part in the open source part of owncloud, it probably can be ported to nextcloud.

I just successfully connected to the demo account. Connecting to the redirected URL didn’t work.

Thanks for your help anyway!

any news on onedrive implementation in nc?


I also need to know urgently whether it works with onedrive!

seems nobody’s is working on that implementation.

any news about onedrive storage working with nextcloud as external storage??


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Seems like this is still not possible.
I tried to adapt these instructions here for Nextcloud, but it doesn’t work.

Are there any news regarding OneDrive and Nextcloud?