External Storage Verification

I think I have set up external storage as a Local,but was wondering if there was a way to confirm that it actually was set up correctly.

At the bottom of the main page it tells me how much space I have used and it says it’s almost full. I have a 250gb usb drive mounted though.

Any ifo is appreciated.Thanks

Hey @Kev7274

I am wondering what you want to know exactly. So please take your time and elaborate on your Problem. With this little Info, i can barely extract what you want to achieve.

First it would be nice to stick to the template you are given when open a new topic as close and precise as it is possible for you. Also, please read the manual at https://docs.nextcloud.com/

Regards Gerald

I have a USB drive(set up as local) set up as a share,lets call it…media/mp3. That folder now shows up under the External Storage option.
Now if I put a file into that External Storage option,that file shows up,but it also says that I have used some space in the bottom left hand corner of the GUI. Should it say that since I am putting that file onto the external storage? Now I put some files into the external storage and then I get a low space warning…Once again,why am I getting this warning if I am putting things into what I thought was my usb external storage.

When I put a file into the external storage,it also shows up in the folder on my pc that was the folder designated by Nextcloud during setup. Why is it in that folder on my pc,when I moved it to the ex.storage?

Is there a certain way the path has to be configured to be able to use the USB drive?

As for the manual,I read it first and made no sense of it.

Ok, now i am with you. I never used local storage as external storage before, so i have no experience in that mannner.

But, could it just be, that you are misjudging the quota (set under users), which applies also to external storages? That has nothing to do with physicel space as you may or may not be aware of.

Please clearify about what gui are we talking about. (OS, Client, Server, Webgui).

Lets conitue tomorrow, since its pretty darn late already (atleast at my place)


Webgui interface.
Quota is set to unlimited.
If there is a better option to access files on my main pc and then have the ability to access those files from a pc on another pc,then please let me know.