External Storage: SMB: Cold not move file.md

I have an SMB share mounted using External Storage.

I can write to it and delete files from it form within Nextcloud.

However, when I try to move a file from one subidrectory to the other, I get the message

"Could not move "

The user that has mapped the drive in Nextcloud has Full Control permissions, and when I map this same SMB share (using the same credentials) in Windows, I can move files no problem, so I’d assume the problem is on the Nextcloud side somewhere.

I can move files from within the main “Files” directory inside Nextcloud just fine, and I can move a file into/out of the SMB folder, but I cannot move the file within sub-directories inside the SMB folder.

This is pretty much a brand new install on Ubuntu 20.04 with Nextcloud version 22.1.1. I’m using php7.4 cli and Redis Object Cache.

The server is a 8GB Proxmox/KVM VPS, which is behind HaProxy. The SMB Server it’s connect to is TrueNAS 12.X.

I don’t see anything in the log that could reference this issue…