External Storage - Setup


I am trying to add a 12GB external drive to my Debian 10 - NextCloud server as an external storage option.

1- I have enabled the external support app
2- In Administration → External storage. I created a new folder name with the following settings:

a) FolderName: twelvegigs
b) External storage: Local
c) Authentication: None
d) Configuration: /media/dcorredor/Elements
e) Available for: All users

I get cannot pass that step. (I get a red warming icon)

I can access the folder via the command line. It has permissions to be written by all users in the server.

Any help will be appreciated

Thank you,

The owner of the destination external storage directory must be the webserver/nextcloud user.

On Ubuntu and Debian:
chown www-data:www-data /media/dcorredor/Elements
(hopefully this is your external directory)

If this is not the problem post interesting parts of:

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