External storage redirects to homepage

I have my nextcloud running on apache (manual install not snap or docker). I am able to set external storage in my console, but when I click it it just redirects me to the homepage.
This happens even in owncloud. Please help me out

Please post a screenshot of your settings, screenshot before and after klicking. Is somethink in the logs?

idk about it. If I go to my external storage option and click on my usb it throws me into homepage

Ok. Then start in your browser the “network analysis” (F12) and perhaps you find wrong http-requests (not 200). Post them. Also look in the logs.

I solved it but this is not the perfect solution

I reinstalled to snap package (i was using manual install earlier) and added

sudo snap connect nextcloud:removable-media

this command. Now it works fine.

Also I used SFTP later so that the drives appear on the home page.